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Park Home insulation – the benefits

OBG Energy Park Home insulation system is an all-round solution developed to meet the specific needs of Park Homes. It can save you up to £3251 a year on your fuel bills, and keep you much cosier too.

If you’re living in a Park Home, especially if it’s an older model, you’ll know how cold and draughty it can get. You’ll also know how much it can cost to keep warm when you have to use LPG or electricity to heat your home.

Expert Park Home insulation

Our high performance insulation panels on a quality board and rail system will add robust weather resistance while refurbishing the outside of your home, so the exterior looks fresh and new again. And as well as keeping in more of the warmth, you’ll also enjoy the benefit of improved sound proofing.

We offer an ‘all-weather’ solution that makes installing Park Home insulation a lot quicker and easier, minimising disruption to your home life. For added reassurance, we include an independent 25-year guarantee.

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