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Installing Solid Wall insulation – the benefits

Installing Solid Wall insulation (also called External Wall insulation) can transform the look and feel of your home while also dramatically reducing your heating bills.

A lot of heat is lost through ‘solid walls’, so installing Solid Wall insulation can make a huge difference to your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. As well as keeping in the warmth, OBG energy highly effective system can save you up to £415 every year* on household bills.

If you’re not sure how or when your home was constructed, we can find out at your no-obligation home assessment. As a quick guide, if your home was built pre-1950s it’s likely to be of solid wall construction.

External installation

Installing Solid Wall insulation gives a property a complete facelift. Your home becomes more warm and welcoming on the inside, and benefits from a fresh and attractive makeover on the outside too.

Installation is professionally planned and takes place outside your property. Our Solid Wall insulation is a system made up of rail frame, insulation boards and weather-proof render. We offer a variety of colours and finishes, so you can choose how to improve or add to the outside look and character of your property.

Installing Solid Wall insulation makes your home easier to keep warm in the winter, and keeps it pleasantly cooler in summer. You’ll find rooms are noticeably quieter too.

Installing Solid Wall insulation – the benefits

We’re one of the leading Solid Wall insulation installers for homes across Glasgow, Edinburgh & across Scotland. We make sure installation is efficient and professional, and we work to keep disruption to a minimum. All of our Solid Wall installations are backed by a 25-year guarantee.

The Process

  1. Following your survey, our expert installer team will have been fully briefed for your property’s individual needs.
    The installers will use a range of specialised Solid Wall solutions including our All-Weather system.
  2. Installation will generally take 1–2 weeks, but installation times will vary from home to home, depending on its size, ease of access and amount of windows, doors, drain pipes etc.
  3. All installations are dependent on favourable weather, and very wet or very cold conditions can delay timings. This is for safety and to ensure the quality of workmanship and finish. We aim to get the project completed in good time, and will always keep you informed should weather hold up the installation.
  4. You are assured of the highest standards of workmanship throughout. All of our technicians are professionally trained and accredited, and the products and systems we use are fully approved and meet current regulations.
  5. Our installers will be professional and polite and work cleanly and efficiently, ensuring that there is minimal disruption to you and your neighbours.
  6. Our Solid Wall installations come with a 25-year guarantee.